Monday, October 1, 2012


From top to bottom in left image, all c/o Sorrelli:
Luxurious Links Bracelet $208 | Spiked Turquoise Cuff | Linked Pyramid Bracelet silver $57 | Crowning bracelet bangle $105
Bargain armor.  The so aptly titled, monthly-driven-arm-candy-et-al-post dedicated to finding chic wrist adornments that you love, at prices you love even more [hmm I'm beginning to sound a little like a TJ Maxx parrot thanks to their omnipresent broadcast commercial campaign].  Proud to pose Sorrelli as the shining, sparkly star of this bargain armor post. And when I say sparkly, I'm not kidding.  Sorrelli's pieces [available at] are self-described as hand-crafted, vintage-inspired heirlooms.  And I couldn't agree with that tagline more.  They're like precious trend gems specially designed for today, with a multi-generational shelf life.  A quick browse on their website might feel a tad overwhelming with their abundance of necklaces, jewelry, earrings, rings and even accessories for your accessories categories.  But just sit back, relax and take your time going through, browse the category you're feeling most inspired by and lo' and behold, there are some serious gems to be found.  Like those I'm wearing, naturally.  PS... log on and buy now to save 10 percent throughout the website. Cap that.

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