Monday, June 4, 2012


winter wear headed out for loose buttons and spot cleaning repair
By now, you are likely wearing the shit out of your short shorts and sheer dresses.  We have officially entered summer fashion territory, thank goodness.  But lest we forget, our winter BFFs? Yes, I'm looking at you winter coats.  My closest friends know I have a penchant for luxe winter outwear, and the only defense I have on this subject is that I treat my coats like gold.  Of course I take care of them throughout the winter, making sure to spot treat the instant a drop of gray-colored sidewalk slush splashes my cream-colored Marc Jacobs knee-length coat.  But even more important, is what I do for my coats in their "off-season." 

Your Style Savior How to Systematize Winter Wear Tip: While making the winter to summer closet transition, set aside a few extra minutes to go through each and every one of your winter coats.  Inspect and immediately send off to the dry cleaner should anything look awry.  Loose buttons, dirt smears, bronzer rub-offs; no stain is too small to warrant a trip to the cleaner's.  Why now? Because it's top of mind.  And the second the weather becomes cold enough to whip out winter wear, you won't have to wait for your pups to come back from the cleaner.  Instead, you can consider your stockpile of coats ready, willing and able.

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