Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Here's a tip for this season's hot dip dye ombre denim trend: you don't need to pay a lot to score big.  Dip dye isn't expensive to do.  In fact, if you have a bottle of bleach and an old pair of jeans, you're good to go.  Fortunately, for the no-thanks-to-DIYers out there, so many low cost ombre denim options are available right now.  My favorite for this trendy trend has to be Zara.  They've got it dipped, died and down to a science [eh, maybe that didn't make much sense, but you know what I mean].  Not to mention, their jeans fit fabulously.  So today's Savings Swap features one pair of jeans at $198 and the other at $79.90Can you tell the look for cheap vs. the look for steep?
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The Look for a Cheap Price:
Zara deep bleach wash straight leg denim $79.90
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The Look for a Steep Price:

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