Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Click the above pic for the answer to this week's Savings Swap

I am a huuuge fan of this look. I first saw Parker's white peplum bustier when my bff whipped it out in Vegas for night one of her bachelorette looks. I simply fell in love with the gorgeous white piping of the bustier and adorable at-hip-flare design AKA peplums. So, I hope she won't hate me when I pose today's Savings Swap, featuring that same adorable white peplum bustier at literally 1/4 of the price [don't hate me, K]. Your Style Savior How To Wear Peplums Tip: While this specific look might intimidate some, it's actually pretty easy to pull off; just make sure you pair with a mini or pencil skirt that hugs your curves below peplum flare.  Add a boatload of confidence and you're good to go - so cheesy I know, but seriously low confidence = a no-go for this number.
The Look for a Cheap Price: (#1)
The Look for a Steep Price: (#2)

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