Friday, December 2, 2011


About three years ago, I unearthed a fur stole from the depths of a moth-ball reeking storage closet in the house of Grand Madeleine (AKA Grandma Madz).  My discovery of this gorgeous vintage piece came at a time when fur vests were all the rage, allowing little room in the fashion world for any other item in the fur vein.  Deigning it too beautiful to sit in isolation any longer, I made a vow that in this sea of vests, I would find a way to proudly and stylishly cross the fur stole look over to the 21st Century.

Ever since, I’ve experimented with the limitless ways to incorporate the fur stole into my everyday wardrobe, turning the fur stole into a vest-look-a-like, wearing it on top of jackets, and even as fur sleeves.  So you can imagine my surprise when flipping through the 2011 September issue of Vogue this summer on a Southampton beach, I noticed a feature declaring the fur stole this season’s “it” item.

As girls around the world now have Anna Wintour’s stamp of approval to take grandma's fur hide out of hiding, I thought I’d share 
with you four ways you can effortlessly integrate the fur stole into your everday look.

1. The Classic Fur Collar
Align the fur stole with the top hem of your cardigan and lay it on top with just the first button closed.  Then clasp your fur stole so the ends meet.  

2. The Fur Vest
You might not have an official fur vest, but layer your fur stole over your favorite plaid shirt, and now you do.  Simply throw over your shoulders and DON'T connect the ends.  You'll have a panel of fur over each shoulder that will look like a vest when giving your full frontal view.

3. Fur Outerwear
Follow the same steps described for The Classic Fur Collar look, this time, just layer the fur stole over your favorite leather jacket, or any jacket for that matter.  Instantly you'll have a new winter coat without spending a dime.

4. Fur Sleeves
Grand Madeleine's fur stole luckily came with hooks and clasps sewn in so that I could change the look of the fur stole into fur sleeves in a heartbeat.  If your fur stole doesn't come with this nifty feature, take it to your most trusted tailor and tell him what you want.  As long as the lining is still in good shape, it can be done for next to nothing.

Your Style Savior How To Vintage Tip: If your grandmother is having a hard time letting that piece of fur go (nevermind the fact that she probably hasn't touched it in 20+ years), promise her you will send a print photo the first time you wear it.  She'll show off the pic to her friends, proving that her fashion legacy lives on through her grandchildren, and you won't have to search any further for a vintage fur stole.  Now who can argue with that?


  1. Wow, that fur collar is such an amazing find! It looks so soft, I just want to pet it! :)

    star-crossed smile

  2. ahah, weird how we both have the exact same post but different ideas! loved reading yours :) you've gained a new follower btw ;)

  3. Faye - noticed that the other day actually on IFB! Interesting that our four ways didn't overlap at all - there is so much you can do with a fur stole, the possibilities are endless!

  4. cool post. I really like how you show how versatile fur is.

    All 4 looks are dope , I like them all but if I had to pick one it would be Fur Outerwear. The fur gives your jacket instant swag!