Monday, November 5, 2012


After a two-month semi-sabbatical [as I like to have named it], I was looking forward to today.  Having stayed away from my daily blogging on all things [affordably] fashionable, I had planned to begin again this week, now that the East to West Coast move is behind me, and all things have semi-settled into routine.  However, with Hurricane Sandy now one week behind us, here comes the learnings of the financial and emotional devastation left in its wake.  Of course New York is near and dear to my heart.  A born and bred New Yorker, my family still lives in the state, with my sister in the city.  Along with all my friends. And really, all the people in my life I care about.  I am so lucky that no one I know was affected too badly by the storm.  Sure, my sister lost power for a week, and my boyfriend's parents had three trees fall on their property, narrowly missing their house, but I am so lucky to say all is safe and sound within my own network.  Unfortunately, not everyone can say so.  Which is why this week, my blog is 100 percent devoted to Hurricane Sandy.  I urge you to make a fashionable donation to a charitable clean up cause such as the American Red CrossMy heart goes out to all those along the Jersey Shore, Staten Island and all those other coastal towns where people lost everything.  If New Yorkers [and Jerseyians?] are known for anything, it's their resilience!

The Red Cross has provided more than 23,000 overnight shelter stays since Saturday to those communities in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast suffering from widespread power outages, wind damage and significant flooding from Superstorm Sandy. Financial donations help the Red Cross provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by disasters like Hurricane Sandy, as well as countless crises at home and around the world.  Please donate today.

Monday, October 1, 2012


From top to bottom in left image, all c/o Sorrelli:
Luxurious Links Bracelet $208 | Spiked Turquoise Cuff | Linked Pyramid Bracelet silver $57 | Crowning bracelet bangle $105
Bargain armor.  The so aptly titled, monthly-driven-arm-candy-et-al-post dedicated to finding chic wrist adornments that you love, at prices you love even more [hmm I'm beginning to sound a little like a TJ Maxx parrot thanks to their omnipresent broadcast commercial campaign].  Proud to pose Sorrelli as the shining, sparkly star of this bargain armor post. And when I say sparkly, I'm not kidding.  Sorrelli's pieces [available at] are self-described as hand-crafted, vintage-inspired heirlooms.  And I couldn't agree with that tagline more.  They're like precious trend gems specially designed for today, with a multi-generational shelf life.  A quick browse on their website might feel a tad overwhelming with their abundance of necklaces, jewelry, earrings, rings and even accessories for your accessories categories.  But just sit back, relax and take your time going through, browse the category you're feeling most inspired by and lo' and behold, there are some serious gems to be found.  Like those I'm wearing, naturally.  PS... log on and buy now to save 10 percent throughout the website. Cap that.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Forever 21 chambray shirt | H&M black leggings | Anthropologie cat-eye leopard glasses
My sunny California dreams of sunbathing, beach-bumming and strapless dresses have officially been killed.  Who knew San Francisco is the place where the sun goes to die? Fall weather year 'round, foggy haze, cloudy days... sounds like fun? It really isn't too bad, at least until 2:00 p.m. rolls around and the sun peaks its head out for an hour or so.  The real saving grace is that a 10 minute drive across the Golden Gate bridge has you in sunny, warm weather in no time at all.  Clearly, that's where this picture was taken. Hello Sausalito. I was in a particularly good mood because I had finally nailed the  perfect outfit for the crazed temperature.  Consisting of a chambray long sleeved button down, a while tee, black leggings, and booties [not to mention, cat eye sunglasses], I was perfectly prepared for the cold bouts of wind in SF, as well as the sunny skies of Sausalito.  Brilliant.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Fall is finding a fab way to maximize the two-toned fabric, leather-sleeved trick of a trend.  And I think this one is my favorite thus far.  As we enter fall, we say goodbye to the denim base and hello to an army cargo torso of a jacket, complete with two leather-sleeved arms.  How cool is that.  Now you can be the ultimate hipster, in style, resplendent in all your leather glory.  Hood included.  That being said, this is a look that gets better the lower the price tag.  You want that grunge factor that only a cheaper fabric can provide.  So can you tell me, which one of the above options is the look for steep vs. the look for cheap?  Or better yet: which one would you prefer to head out on the town wearing? Click the link below and let me know if you got it right.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Yes, I'm back. Back from the dead upon a one month hiatus that enabled me to move 3,000 miles across the country without losing my cool.  Nearly.  It's been a crazy ride, nacho average summer, but I'm very excited to officially be writing my very first Your Style Savior post from the West Coast, specifically the golden gated scenery that is San Francisco.  Amid the jarring differences that have me tapping my heels together and saying "we're not in NYC anymore" - you actually have to CALL AHEAD for a cab, what a drag, there is something to be said about the laid-back vibe and enjoy-every-moment way of the West Coast folk.  As much as I miss the constant frenetic energy of Manhattan, the 24 hour delis and every corner H&M's that rival Madison Avenue's couture shops for best take on fall's hottest trends, there is something to be said about afternoon 90 minute yoga classes, farm fresh cuisine at every single restaurant and charming Victorian townhouses planted on even the grimiest of neighborhoods here in SF.  It's hard to admit it, but I'm kind of liking it here, maybe just a bit.  And the view almost makes it worth missing NYFW.  Almost.